What Is the Value of Part-Time Agents in Call Centers?

24 de November de 2022

Call centers need to have as many agents as the budget allows. But how do you attract and hire talented employees without going overboard on customer service staff? The answer is clear: part-time agents. 5 Benefits of Having Part-Time Agents In the United States, for example, it is common to see a part-time employee work… Read more »

Why Do Financial Services Companies Use Contact Centers?

22 de November de 2022

Consumers have many options to access digital banking and other financial services. However, a call center streamlines sales and customer service operations. In many ways, customer experience (CX) is driving transformation within the financial services industry and with a contact center they have a greater ability to collect information about their customers and get to… Read more »

How To Improve the Participation and Agents’ Commitment in a Call Center?

17 de November de 2022

The benefits of agent engagement are obvious to any call center supervisor. Agents who are committed align their personal goals with those of the company they work for and strive to do an excellent job, because it makes them feel good to achieve the goals that have been proposed to them. They perform better and… Read more »

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Redefining Self-Service

15 de November de 2022

Today’s most sophisticated companies are investing in technology to understand what makes customer interactions more successful. Users are taking control of their preferred digital tools creating millions (or billions) of asynchronous conversations with organizations. Companies are challenged to meet these growing demands and are increasingly aware that every customer touch point generates valuable data to… Read more »

Top 7 Ways to Increase Agent Efficiency in a Contact Center

10 de November de 2022

Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of agents can substantially improve the results of a call center. The service metrics and the SLA (service level agreement with the provider) will help the call center to reach its objectives and even exceed them, establishing a series of guidelines. How To Increase the Efficiency of Agents in a… Read more »

Enreach Named Most Innovative Unified Communications Provider of 2022 by Frost Radar Report

9 de November de 2022

Enreach, a leading European provider of converged communications solutions for businesses, has been recognized as the unified communications company (UCaas) that has contributed the most to technological innovation in the sector and the one that has grown the most in the European market, according to the Frost report Radar 2022. What Does the Frost Radar… Read more »

The 5 Best Practices Of Insurance Company Call Centers

8 de November de 2022

In the age of almost limitless insurance options, insurers’ contact centers can find it difficult to communicate with clients or potential clients. In fact, even when they are offered a valuable service, some perceive the phone contact as an unwanted interruption or even an annoyance. Whether it’s notifying policyholders of changes or benefits, answering inquiries,… Read more »

How To Ensure The Accessibility Of Data Analysis In Companies

3 de November de 2022

Today’s modern world revolves around data. Data is created and collected everywhere and, above all, it is used by almost all companies. In 2021, some 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day, and that number is expected to double every two years. IDC predicts that the collective sum of the world’s data will… Read more »

How To Maximize The Value Of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

31 de October de 2022

The customer satisfaction survey has long been a tool for CX-focused companies to collect feedback from their users. Surveys allow people to tell brands what is or isn’t working with respect to aspects of their experiences, such as product quality, customer service, and website performance. If structured correctly, they also allow the collection of ideas… Read more »

How To Favor The Schedule Flexibility Of The Agents Of A Call Center?

27 de October de 2022

High turnover is a pain point for call centers. Although this did not increase notably in contact centers during “The Great Renunciation” (rates have remained stable at 42% per year, according to the WEM 2022 Global Survey), it is estimated that customer service centers spend an average of 13 weeks onboarding a new employee, at… Read more »