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5 Reasons To Trust Cloud Contact Centers

Enreach 18/05/2022
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In the midst of the digitalization era, the cloud environment is positioning itself as one of the key factors for companies to achieve success in their business.

The Contact Center industry, no stranger to this, is transferring its technology to the cloud and is increasingly betting on a CCaaS model, or what is the same, the Contact Center as a Service, a market that currently represents more than 3 billion dollars in global sales and which, according to AVANT Analytics estimates, will continue to grow to 10.5 billion dollars in 2027.

Organizations are increasingly aware of the importance of having a CCaaS service in the cloud to the point that most IT managers plan to implement these solutions in the next 12 months in their companies, a fact that goes The same direction as the latest Microsoft study, in which it points out that 86% of companies will increase their investment in the cloud in 2022 to benefit from a more flexible, secure and accessible technology that allows optimizing the use of their resources.

Taking into account this trend, which, as studies indicate, will continue to grow in the medium term, masvoz, part of Enreach and a leading company in converged communications solutions, has carried out an intensive analysis of the current situation and has identified five fundamental reasons why which companies are turning to cloud-based contact centers:

1) They Offer an Updated Environment with The Most Innovative Technology

Cloud-hosted contact center solutions are constantly evolving, continually receiving performance enhancements to their intelligent routing engines and predictive dialing capabilities from technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and speech/text analytics. In addition, they have the great advantage of having the latest technologies such as automation, conversational AI or machine learning (ML) without the need to invest in infrastructure. Having the latest market news is essential for companies and, in fact, according to AVANT, 51% of managers are considering investing in a new call center system, precisely because their current configuration lacks functionality.

2) Optimize Workflows Within The Company

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of a hybrid model that combines face-to-face work and remote work, and organizations need to constantly communicate and have endless documentation in the same space that their employees can connect to from any time and place. This fact is essential for the development of companies, especially considering that we live in a globalized world where companies have offices spread over different geographical areas. Thus, the cloud is a key element that also improves the employee’s experience in the company itself, since it has all the information and data remotely in a simple way.

3) There Is a Significant Reduction in Costs

In a cloud-based CcaaS model, businesses choose the pricing plans that work best for them based on their needs. In addition, hardware management and maintenance costs do not exist and it does not require its own personnel for its operation, since cloud solutions are always updated with the latest market developments. The provider is the only one in charge of the maintenance, installation and availability of the system, which means that the client does not have to invest more budgets in infrastructure.

4) They Allow Better Planning of the Customer Experience (CX)

The cloud provides a complete omnichannel experience by providing access to all channels (chatbots, calls, emails, website…) from the same point and from anywhere. In addition, the analytical capacity of the cloud is superior to the conventional system, achieving a greater amount of data about the client to be collected, which will help agents to provide more precise information in management as well as to provide greater added value.

5) Present a Flexible and Customizable Service

Another of the great advantages of having a Contact Center in the cloud is that the system resources can be customized and adjusted based on the reality of each company, which is crucial considering that the market is constantly changing. In this sense, the cloud offers greater business agility, since organizations have a better ability to react to geographical or personnel changes, being able to modify their cloud plan at any time, allowing more employees access from anywhere in the world… In short, the company can adapt more easily to a new scenario without requiring much effort.

“The adoption of cloud-based tools allows greater reliability, flexibility, scalability and security -all in one-, along with notable cost savings, which is serving to attract companies of any size and any economic sector to bet by the cloud”. “However, companies that want to enter the era of the intelligent cloud must do so with a provider that has cloud-based tools that help them optimize workflows or improve the customer experience,” says Santi Vernet, CCO of masvoz, part of Enreach.

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