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Essential features to ensure your call centre software doesn’t become outdated

Enreach 03/11/2023
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It may sound presumptuous, but it is easy for technology to become obsolete these days. Since call centre software isn’t something you update every year, we recommend choosing a solution that incorporates futuristic features and, most importantly, is cloud-based. Choosing a cloud provider always guarantees innovation (and also saves you from accumulating unnecessary hardware).

Given the myriad of cloud providers, here are four essential features a call centre tool must have to remain relevant in the coming years.


When applications integrate seamlessly, there’s no need to juggle multiple open applications. You can manage everything from a single environment. That’s why we believe the Agent Panel should integrate with your CRM, ERP or ticketing system.

Integrations with customer management tools range from handling inbound and outbound calls with a widget to automating customer profile display or ticket generation.

Talk yo the call centre software vendor about your customer management tool and ask if there is an integration. Don’t worry if you’re using a lesser-known CRM; there’s almost always a solution out there.


Monitoring service level metrics for your call centre is critical. Supervisors should be able to see in real time the volume of calls being handled, the number of agents available, and the level of attention per agent. This makes it easier to make decisions such as changing team sizes or redistributing the number of agents assigned to a queue.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers a variety of enhancements to achieve the Total Experience – improving the customer and agent experience at the same time.

One of the biggest frustrations for customers is waiting on hold. With AI, customers can hang up and receive a callback when an agent is available.

For agents, the use of voice and chat bots not only reduces a significant proportion of queries, but also eliminates the need to take notes during and after conversations. Advanced AI can transcribe calls in real timeand indicate internal processes, such as querying the database.

Beyond these key points, advanced AI for call centres also allows AI to work at the ChatGPT level. After providing it with specific information, customers can change a reservation or resolve a common issue without having to wait for an available agent. In addition, agents can use it to consult internal manuals.


If you want call centre agents to work remotely, they need to be able to take calls on their mobile phones. While there aren’t many call centre companies currently working remotely, the software you choose should be able tomanage inbound and outbound calls from a smartphone without losing call transfers, customer call histories and call recordings.

Our advice is to choose a provider that not only meets your needs today, but also looks to the future and continues to innovate. Discover the myriad features of our call centre software by requesting a free demo. Our experts are always available on 900 670 750 or in the chat below.

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