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How A Call Center Can Take Advantage Of Speech Recognition Technology

Enreach 01/12/2020
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The ability of a program or machine to identify phrases or words in a particular spoken language or natural speech and then convert them into a format that can be read by machines is known as speech recognition. This application is used in call centers to handle incoming calls from users.

There are some sophisticated forms of IVRs (Interactive Voice Response Systems) that use the technique of speech recognition to allow customers to interact with the system, rather than pressing the various buttons on the phones. In addition to an IVR system, other popular contact center applications for voice recognition include voice search, voice dialing, and voice-to-text and call routing.

Speech recognition is used to indicate a type of technology that identifies the voice of a particular individual.

Uses Of Speech Recognition Technology

This technology is widely used in call centers to improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and improve productivity. Likewise, this is one of the latest contact center technologies, which has caused a great sensation due to the advantages it offers.

In recent years, speech recognition technology has gained immense popularity in call center environments. One of the key merits of speech recognition technology today is the dictation capability it offers. It’s easy for users to create documents and control devices simply by talking, thanks to this sophisticated technology.

This is a technology that allows faster document creation, since the software has the ability to produce words with the same speed at which they are speaking. Not only can people make use of these dictation solutions provided by speech recognition software, but also organizations that require a large volume of transcription tasks, such as the production of legal and health documents, can use this software capability.

In addition, those companies that can deliver the benefits of customer service with the help of voice recognition technology optimize self-service, thereby improving the customer experience (CX) and reducing organizational costs.

Now, it is very easy for callers to enter different types of information, including the reason for their call, account numbers, names… All this through the capabilities of a voice recognition technology and without any interaction with an agent lives from the call center. This has a major impact on the productivity of a call center, as callers do not need to remain idle while their calls are put on hold, while agents are busy with other calls.

Speech recognition technology has the ability to engage callers, even if there are no call center agents to take their calls. This is why a contact center can achieve cost savings by making effective use of speech recognition technology.

Benefits Offered By Speech Recognition Technology

Call centers often face ongoing challenges in balancing their cost with customer satisfaction. By implementing speech recognition technology, they can reap the following benefits:

  • Encourage natural and human-like chats that can generate self-service with a higher degree of customer satisfaction as they interact with users.
  • Offers excellent customer satisfaction coupled with self-service containment improvement rate.
  • You have the ability to reserve call center agents for other crucial organizational tasks.
  • Collect real-time and dynamic data such as addresses and names.

Therefore, speech recognition technology can function as an effective automation tool for customer service in many call centers.

What Are The Benefits Of Good Speech Recognition Software?
  • Improved security by eliminating the involvement of contact center agents in data processing work.
  • You can transform a complicated IVR menu into an easy-to-use system.
  • Ensures a rich customer service experience, higher user satisfaction, and reduced operating costs.
  • Provides an easy alternative for all callers who want to connect with agents instead of using menus.
  • It is generally compatible with many key operating systems and voice standards.
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