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The human factor prevails over technology in customer service

Enreach 02/08/2017
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During the last decade, technological evolution has radically transformed consumer expectations of companies that want to lead the digital experience of customers and find ways to facilitate the use of technology in a more efficient and intelligent manner.

However, although companies continue to innovate from a technological point of view, they also need to maintain the human factor, both to enable customers to meet their needs autonomously, and to access customer service agents when necessary. That is, new technologies can improve both the interactions assisted by the agents of a contact center, and the self-service interactions of the clients.

Two dimensions with a common denominator: the human element

As every year, the prestigious consulting and research firm Forrester Research has produced a new updated edition of its report “Digital Customer Experience Trends”. This work analyzes the evolution of trends in the field of digital customer experience year by year.

Forrester studies not only how technology is changing the way customers interact with companies, but also how technology is used to enhance the employee experience, which in turn also impacts on the customer experience. And in both trends, the report finds that companies keep the human factor together with innovation in technology.

Technology is changing the way customers interact with businesses, and in this trend, the focus is mostly on improving the user interface. The biggest advances today are related to the use of robots and the application of artificial intelligence (not forgetting the biometric technology to provide more personalized experiences). However, this intelligent technology must have a “human conversational logic in the design of the interaction” that will be provided by the companies.

On the other hand, the second trend reflected in the Forrester report notes that technological innovation is also used to train customer service employees, improve their experience, and provide better collaboration between the user interface and the customer experience.

According to Forrester, here again the human factor should not be overlooked, while companies must prioritize “human needs on technology”, bring “innovation at the heart of the business”, and “strike a balance between needs of the customers and of the employees.”

The Forrester report concludes that innovative companies are looking for new technologies that allow new ways of getting involved with their customers, while offering a host of examples and tips to enhance the digital customer experience.

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