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Why Omnichannel Marketing Is Important In Real Estate

Product User 25/07/2023
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Why Omnichannel Marketing Is Important In Real Estate

The impact of technology is more than visible today in the real estate sector. In the past, real estate agents used to connect with clients over the phone or in person. Now, personal interaction is replaced by digital: email, social networks, apps and websites. Through omnichannel communication, companies have maintained a unified focus on design, strategy, and customer experience (CX) across all channels.

Omnichannel communication is a multi-channel approach to communicate with customers seamlessly. It is a unique way to provide integrated CX across different channels.

What Are the Advantages of Omnichannel Marketing? 

1) Increase Brand Visibility

In the digital world, companies use the appropriate channel to promote their product and increase their visibility among the target customers. This helps build trust with prospects as they form an emotional connection to the brand.

2) Save Time

Through digital means, prospects can collect all the relevant details of the product and learn about the experience of others who used it. This helps them make a quick decision, instead of deliberating for a long time.

3) Increase the Conversion Rate

Through paid advertisements, a company can promote its brand on different channels, forging a memory in the customer’s mind. This drives the customer toward purchasing the product or service, increasing conversion rates and overall revenue.

The importance of omnichannel marketing is quite palpable because it helps build a strong relationship between companies and customers that can last for a long time. Through advertisements, organisations promote their products on different digital channels such as websites, social media platforms, and apps. Whenever a customer clicks on the ads, they are redirected to the company’s website, which has more details about the product on offer.

In addition to ads, companies also post articles, blogs, and videos that highlight the need for their product and what sets them apart from the competition. These educational materials work as a great influencer for those customers who research online before purchasing the product. The efforts that companies make in omnichannel marketing help create a unified experience for prospects and increase their brand loyalty.

Why Omnichannel Marketing Is Important In Real Estate

For the real estate sector, omnichannel marketing is of similar importance. Real estate companies use various digital mediums to promote their upcoming properties and attract prospects.

In this effort, integration with CRM software like Zendesk, Salesforce, or Dynamics plays a vital role in optimising customer engagement across all channels. Through the CRM, real estate agents can capture customer details and share important information through various digital media such as email, SMS, and WhatsApp. Developers and brokers can track the status and progress of leads in the sales funnel through the CRM and take necessary steps to increase the conversion rate.

What Can Real Estate Companies Do To Stand Out and Grow?

There are various platforms that businesses can use to promote their products, but each requires a different strategy to stand out and grow.

1) CRM Pre-Sales Calls

Calling is the most important activity and mode of communication in property sales or rentals.

2) Social Networks

Channels like Facebook or Instagram are good ways to target customers of different age groups and brand promotion. This medium helps promotion in line with current trends and creates a stronger image in the minds of consumers. Businesses can also project paid ads to target customers on these channels, helping them increase the chances of conversion.

3) Email

This is one of the most cost effective communication platforms that can be used to advertise the product and its features. It is also the most personalised form of digital communication that brands can adopt to nurture customers, where the sales team can send individual or mass emails to their leads, or even schedule them for later. It’s easy to track the effectiveness of emails and analyse the potential of leads through them.

4) Messaging

This digital channel allows you to redirect potential customers by automatically communicating with them via WhatsApp or SMS at the exact moment. Thus, queries can be answered quickly, efficiently and at any time of the day.

Enreach’s Omnichannel Contact Center allows you to connect with your customers from their favourite channels, be it WhatsApp, email, SMS or phone, among others.

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