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2-Way SMS: Smart messages to optimize resources

Enreach 31/10/2017
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At present, both private companies and public administrations use new forms of communication that are more effective with users. By sending SMS, private companies can confirm reservations, respond to promotions or surveys or send acknowledgments of delivery. For their part, institutions in the public domain can remember medical appointments or send administrative notifications.

Through the 2-Way SMS service, users receive a reminder message a few days before the medical appointment. The text not only reminds you of the day, time and place of the visit, but also gives the option of pressing a phone number to call the center in case you can not go, thus canceling the visit and making room for another user to take advantage of it.

2-Way SMS, smart messages to optimize resources

2-Way SMS is a service that allows you to interact with your customers through SMS or intelligent two-way voice messages. This advanced messaging service allows you to send personalized invitation-to-action announcements and execute follow-up actions based on each user’s response.

What advantages does the 2-Way SMS service offer?
  • Provide a two-way and intelligent messaging service: you can send personalized invitations to action and execute follow-up actions depending on the response of each user, whether it is responding to SMS, or by keystrokes or voice instructions in the case of calls.
  • Combine the effectiveness of SMS with the proximity of calls: select the most appropriate channel with the aim of maximizing responses. Sends SMS messages to your youngest target and launches call-in communications to a target audience less likely to use mobile devices. In addition, it manages certain responses by putting the customer in touch with your operators through automatic calls.
  • Customizing and tailoring the service to your needs: 2-Way SMS offers multiple configuration options, such as customization of the SMS sender and the calling number, SMS or voice messages. It also synchronizes the telephone information with your corporate systems with any comfort.
  • Generate reports, statistics and online settings: 2-Way SMS helps improve your business intelligence by enabling real-time statistics 24/7. Configure and manage all the information of the service accessing your control panel when you need it, wherever you are and any device connected to the Internet. Restrict calls by country and extract statistics and expense of service at all times.
Infinite applications for all sectors

With 2-Way SMS, the limit of intelligent messaging puts your imagination. Use it to optimize your resources in a multitude of situations in all sectors. You can improve your performance and efficiency ratios by confirming appointments, administrative notifications, confirmation of reservations, response to promotions or surveys, or acknowledgment of delivery, among many other applications.

In this sense, the use of SMS in the health sector, both public and private, is especially significant in order to remember visits to users. For example, in Catalonia, according to a statement from the Catalan Health Institute (ICS), 8% of medical visits by appointment are lost every year because users do not come, so there is no time to reprogram them and grant them to another person.

With 2-Way SMS, you can send the right message at the right time… bidirectional. Intelligent.

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