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4 Ways to Keep Contact Center Agents Engaged

Enreach 15/06/2021
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Committed and experienced call center agents are more important than ever. While self-service options have expanded and new channels have been added, agents are still needed for complex questions and to handle customers experiencing a higher level of frustration.

These are cases that only a call center agent can handle, and the more experience they have, the better. 95% of customers use more than one channel to communicate with companies.

That’s why retaining the most talented employees is more important than ever. Agent participation has taken on a new importance for many call centers.

What Are the Workforce Engagement Strategies Companies Can Employ to Aid Agent Retention?
1) Make Agents Feel Valued

We all want to feel valued when we go to work, and this is especially true for call center employees. By the very nature of their work, agents can often deal with difficult situations.

Reward programs, seniority incentives, and even a simple compliment or recognition from across the department can go a long way.

2) Adopt Flexible Hours or a Work-From-Home Schedule

Investing in workforce management (WFM) solutions and work-from-home technology will easily pay off in lower recruitment and training expenses.

Allowing agents to telecommute and giving them information about their schedules as far in advance as possible can make a big difference in agent retention.

3) Invest in the Careers of Your Agents

Agents must be able to recognize what other roles may be available. For this reason, companies need to make sure they are aware of the training and career growth opportunities available to them to help them create the career they want.

4) Hiring Is Where It All Begins

When the time comes to rehire the team, the chances of future success can be greatly improved by selecting the right candidate.

Seeking candidates who see the call center as a career opportunity, not just a job will be at the height of the business for months and years to come.

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