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Artificial Intelligence: One of the solutions to the forthcoming Spanish Customer Service Law

Enreach 28/03/2024
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Two weeks ago, we had the privilege of hosting the team from La Sexta News at our offices in Barcelona to discuss the forthcoming Spanish Customer Service Law and how Artificial Intelligence will help companies adapt to it.

The recent approval of the Customer Service Law Project means that the new law will soon come into force, and hundreds of companies operating on Spanish territory will have to find mechanisms to avoid severe penalties.

Undoubtedly, the main challenge of the future regulation is how to serve 95% of customers in less than three minutes.

Considering that the average waiting time in energy companies is 16 minutes and insurance companies take between 6 and 36 minutes to answer a call, the transformation required in customer service is not trivial.

“The average waiting time in energy companies is 16 minutes”.

– La Sexta

As our CFO, Lisandro Mora, rightly pointed out in the La Sexta interview, a quick way to end phone queues and comply with the law is through Manuel, the bot that can queue up your customers.

It is simple to use. When a user calls customer service, Manuel informs them of their position in the queue and gives them the option to press 1 to stop waiting on the phone.

Even if the call ends, the bot will continue to move positions in place of the customer. When Manuel reaches the first position, it makes a double call to connect the user to the available agent.

For companies looking to focus agents on solving more complex queries and providing more personalised assistance to vulnerable consumers, there is a second solution: conversational AI bots.

As Lisandro also mentioned in the interview, customer service has the opportunity to use this technology to resolve up to 80% of simple queries.

“AI can facilitate the resolution of up to 80% of simple queries.”

– Lisandro Mora, CFO, Enreach Spain

Conversational AI bots, which can handle written and verbal channels, are categorised as AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), meaning they can behave like humans but are not smarter than us.

Contrary to any science fiction film, this type of AI cannot take over the world, but it can be trained to: understand a customer’s needs, query a database, schedule an appointment, read a manual, send an email with an invoice, etc.

In other words, conversational AI can take care of all these simple tasks, eliminating human error and freeing up operators to respond to the most common requests.

Finding the right balance is about using the minimum amount of AI with the maximum amount of humanity. By this we mean that bots will never be able to replace operators, but they will help them focus on tasks where they can add value.

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