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Cloud Computing, one of Zara’s most successful tools

Enreach 30/04/2013
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What is surely the Inditex Group’s best known company owes much of its success to Cloud Computing and Big Data. The textile company, one of the world’s largest fashion distributors, present on five continents, has managed to become what it is today thanks to a business model defined by its constant innovation and renewal. Another of the cornerstones of its success – which perhaps few are aware of- is a technological infrastructure based on Cloud Computing and Big Data.

In a world obsessed with speed, the importance of reducing product launch times is one of the competitive advantages companies value most. One of Zara’s strong points is, precisely, cutting its collections’ time to market. That is, it takes them less time to design, produce at their factories, and get their collections to stores than any of their competitors.

Zara’s customer service policy is highly focused on this process. Managers and employees speak constantly with customers to gauge their preferences with regards to the store’s garments and their fashion tastes in general. They also observe and analyse trends daily, in this way following first-hand what is being worn and what isn’t at all times. But it is thanks to Cloud Computing that information travels almost in real time from stores to designers and market specialists through the exchange of notes via their IT infrastructures.

Designers react to customer demand in their new collections, with Zara able to replenish its clothing collections in just three weeks, as compared to the average of nine months it takes for its competition. Another advantage of this rapid response system is that warehousing costs are reduced, as stores sell only what people are looking for at all times.

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