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How a Contact Center with an Automatic Dialer Can Boost Sales

Product User 24/01/2023
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How a Contact Center with an Automatic Dialer Can Boost Sales

Call centers need to avoid agents spending much of their time making phone calls, curating lists, checking who to call, and receiving voice messages. With today’s technology, all this manual work has become obsolete and unnecessary, and staff is trained to deal with customers over the phone and close sales.

How? An automatic dialer will allow the contact center that has a base of potential clients, to be more efficient and close more sales.

What Are the Benefits for a Call Center of Using a Cloud-based Autodialer?

1) Less Waste of Time

Employees no longer have to waste time looking up numbers or making phone calls. When a customer or potential customer answers the phone, they are automatically connected to a live representative who takes the call from there.

2) Immediate Obtaining of Customer Data

When the lead is connected to the agent, all the relevant information is already displayed on the screen. The agent can immediately know the customer’s name, address and other personal details, helping to establish an immediate relationship and ensuring that the online person feels comfortable. This feature also helps reps close more sales since time is not wasted asking customers for information they already have.

3) Tracking and Monitoring

Within the software, sales reps can take notes on customer experiences and preferences. This allows future agents to understand what the customer’s needs are, which leads to better sales conversions and higher customer satisfaction rates.

4) Call Recording

With automatic dialing software, all phone calls can be recorded. This is beneficial for training purposes and also helps ensure quality control.

5) Option to Call Several People at the Same Time

Having the technology to dial multiple numbers at once not only saves a significant amount of time, it also allows the contact center to reach more people and connect with more potential customers. Even with a smaller team, optimized results can be achieved when agents only spend their time with the people they call. As a result, the sales team can talk to more people, every day.

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