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Power Dialer vs. Predictive Dialer

Enreach 26/03/2024
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All telesales contact centres are looking to increase their conversion rate. Logic tells us that if we get more leads, we’ll get more conversions, but what’s the point of having more leads if agents can’t reach them due to lack of time?

Autodialers are telemarketing software that focus on creating more effective campaigns, not only by freeing sales reps from manually dialing leads, but also by strengthening the strategic and measurement aspects.

When it comes to autodialers, the most popular are the Power Dialer and the Predictive Dialer.


A Power Dialer is designed to maximise the number of people each agent speaks to by eliminating manual dialing.

All the agent has to do is press the ‘Call’ button to initiate the automatic dialing. Once the call is complete, the software automatically dials the next contact on the list.


The Predictive Dialer also allows agents to speak to more potential customers by eliminating manual dialing and the waiting time from when the call is initiated to when it is answered or disconnected.

Thanks to predictive algorithms based on the number of operators in the call centre and call history, it calculates the optimal number of calls to initiate.

For example, if we have a team of 10 agents and history shows that 30% of calls go unanswered, it will dial 13 phone numbers and route the answered calls to the available agents.


Choose a Power Dialer if:

  • You have a team of 2-7 agents.
  • The leads you contact are already at the top of the conversion funnel because they’ve downloaded a document or subscribed to your newsletter.
  • Your sales team is focused on consultative selling.

Choose a Predictive Dialer if:

  • You have 8 or more agents.
  • The prospects are cold, for example if they come from an external provider.
  • You’re running a survey or promotional campaign and the lead list is long.

Or benefit from both! Our telemarketing software has all the dialers you need to run different types of campaigns. Request a demo by calling +34 900 670 750 or contact us via chat.

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