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The 3 Best Ideas To Keep Track Of A Call Center

Enreach 07/07/2020
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Unusual circumstances, such as a pandemic, tend to highlight the most important ideas of the contact centers. Stressful times and uncertain economic conditions can bring out the worst of all: Clients are less patient, and agents may forgo some of their training due to longer hours or distractions created by new work-from-home environments.

Call center leaders want to manage and optimize their call center team, so agents operate at a high performance level despite any unforeseen additional intensity. They want to preserve and guarantee a superior customer experience at all times.

The first and most important step to offer excellent customer service is to monitor and act quickly to know what is the most important data to be obtained from the call center. But who are the most critical today?

The 3 Best Ideas To Keep Track Of A Call Center
1) Sentiment And Customer Satisfaction

Customer sentiment and satisfaction remain the best idea to track the continued success of the call center.

Negative user sentiment and dissatisfaction with the customer service received are the main factors driving bad relationships with brands and the biggest predictors of customer loss: if they do not show positive sentiment or if customers are not satisfied with the service or support they receive, they will look elsewhere.

A direct customer survey is the easiest and most common way for companies to track customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, only 1-2% of sent customer satisfaction surveys are completed, leaving managers uninformed about 98-99% of agent interactions.

Tools like speech analysis, sentiment analysis, and predictive Net Promoter Score (NPS) scores are designed to fill that information gap, and they do a great job, but only if it’s tracked.

2) Employee Experience And Productivity

Employee experience and productivity is about making sure you improve customer satisfaction in a cost-effective way, proactively protecting business results.

Experienced agents tend to receive higher or more positive ratings and feelings than less experienced agents. But cost efficiency occurs when experienced agents also deliver those positive interactions in a shorter period of time.

To make the most of customer information, referrals can do both: They are very productive, but they also receive high customer satisfaction / sentiment scores. Also, analyzing how these agents work can help develop a training plan so that the rest of the team can follow the same methods.

3) Common Customer Problems Or Needs

From a staff perspective, one of the most important aspects is the classification of contacts to identify common customer problems or needs.

This is because highly efficient contact centers understand what specific pieces of knowledge or skills are needed to quickly solve common customer problems. They identify exactly what agents need to do to be more productive and efficient, and then implement precise training programs that focus agents on the subject areas that were most lacking.

Speech analysis is the best tool for obtaining information about common customer problems or needs, as it helps to understand why users are calling and what their queries are.

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