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3 use cases of artificial intelligence in the contact centre

Enreach 23/01/2024
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Looking at the most popular questions we ask ChatGPT, we’ve realised that in our personal lives we use this new technology for almost everything

It’s almost anecdotal to discover that the vast majority of us ask it to tell us a joke, recommend TV series or help us with our maths homework.

The applications are so varied that they make us reflect on how much our lives have changed by having a chatbot ready to answer our questions 24 hours a day. 

While we’re using artificial intelligence in our personal lives to turn on light bulbs, we’re not there yet in the business world. 

This may be because there are still many unknowns to be resolved: the price, the level of data security and, above all, how to use it correctly to add value.

Artificial intelligence in contact centres has already taken its first steps with intelligent IVR menus: those that can connect us to customer service by simply saying “I want to unsubscribe”. 

But now AI is ready to go one step further.

We see our artificial intelligence as part of the customer service team. Broadly speaking, it takes on tasks where humans don’t add value. 

It also provides us with data that helps us to identify improvements to the content of our website or even a feature of our service. Seriously, we’re not exaggerating.

Without any programming knowledge, but with a good understanding of question structure, you can program a bot in less than thirty minutes to work wonders, as we’ll describe below.


If your customer service department spends 40% of its time managing reservations or product deliveries, you’ll love this use case.

You’ve probably heard a thousand times that these processes no longer need human intervention

Until now, there was no AI on the market that could successfully handle this task. Now things have changed.

The most advanced AI can identify the customer, check a reference number, show alternative dates and recordchanges in both written and voice channels. 

But it doesn’t stop there; you can also have it send the reservation/order update via SMS or email for written confirmation. 

As you can see, AI is not only answering queries during office hours, it is also querying databases and modifying records. Amazing!


Contact centres typically work with quantitative data: how many calls were handled, how many users left a queue, how many seconds a call took… 

The only way to get qualitative information was to conduct satisfaction surveys after the call. We’re happy to use the past tense to say that artificial intelligence, while not a replacement for NPS or CSAT surveys, provides very valuable qualitative data on a daily basis.

If you’ve ever interacted with a bot, you’ll know that it usually starts by asking how it can help, and then presents a series of options to choose from. Every time a user selects one of these options, their choice is recorded in the statistics panel

This information is very useful for identifying the most common reasons for contact and acting accordingly – making changes to our website, improving a service functionality, etc.


In addition to managing reservations and collecting data, AI can also be used as an internal source of knowledge

Just as ChatGPT was trained to analyse and store millions of pieces of web data, there are chatbots for internal use that can be trained with product manuals, company presentations or legal documents.

Once it has all the knowledge it needs, employees can chat with it and ask any question, from product configuration to delivery times or contract clauses. 

Whether it’s for customer service or any other area, the internal ChatGPT streamlines the onboarding process and promotes a workspace where knowledge is accessible to everyone and there are no silos of information.


With a mission to put artificial intelligence in the hands of contact centres, we help millions of professionals integrate this technology into their daily lives. 

Tell us about the processes you want to streamline by calling +34 900 670 750 or using the chat below. Our team of experts will be happy to help.

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