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UC Today recognises us as a leading CCaaS provider

Enreach 18/01/2024
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Being in the spotlight of collaboration and unified communications media such as UC Today is truly an honour. And this year, with a broad smile on our face, we can proudly say that we continue to be a leading Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) provider.

The digital medium uses a bird’s eye view map to highlight the key players in various areas of the telecommunications sector. Its analysis focuses on identifying the top providers in the UCaaS, CPaaS, CCaaS, SIP Trunk and other markets.

In addition to identifying the market leaders, UC Today provides a personal assessment of each vendor, evaluating their value proposition and highlighting the aspects they find most commendable.

Here are the four features highlighted for our Omnichannel Contact Centre 😊.


“Enreach offers a comprehensive cloud contact center, suitable for omnichannel communications. The company supports organizations in reaching their customers through web and phone calls, SMS, WhatsApp, and webchat”. – UC Today

As the article notes, our contact centre software is designed to allow agents to handle multiple channels simultaneously. By integrating these channels into a single dashboard, switching from one channel to another is a matter of seconds.

These are the contact channels that can be managed within our customer service tool:

  • Phone calls, the most used channel by users. Our phone calls have the advantage of offering local and international numbers at a better price, as we are a business number provider.
  • SMS, an ideal platform for proactive sales or support strategies. Often used for marketing campaigns, appointment confirmations, notifications or order confirmations.
  • WhatsApp, the tool to attract younger generations. Its use as a contact platform between companies and end customers has increased significantly. Consumers increasingly prefer instant channels as they guarantee a faster response.
  • Email, the platform that demands more attention. Without opening the email application, you can compose emails and attach all kinds of files using predefined templates.
  • Webchat, the preferred instant channel for users browsing your website. Ideal for resolving urgent customer queries and directing them to the shopping cart.


“Plus, the various modules of the software allow businesses to personalize and automate workflows, configure settings, and manage accounts easily.

Within the Enreach CCaaS platform, business leaders can find everything they need to track and manage customer conversations, including in-built statistical reports with advanced features.” – UC Today

Our Omnichannel Contact Centre offers various modules to manage schedules, extract recordings and configure accounts. In addition to these basic modules, there are four more advanced modules:


From this section, agents can manage their status, view ongoing and completed communicationsrespond to customers and have all the data about the customer (if registered) and the service: the contact channel, the service of interest, the URL they have navigated to, their UID, etc.


This module allows supervisors to configure the skills of an agent, a queue or a group of agents, so that when a call comes in, qualities such as departmentlanguage or skills required to handle the request are taken into account.


From here the supervisor can see, depending on whether he is supervising calls or chats, a summary of current communicationsextensions in conversationdetails of queues and the status of agents.


This section allows you to analyse service levels by filtering by time periodextension number or specific agent. This panel is ideal for identifying trends and monitoring the service level of the contact centre at a glance.


“There are also options for leveraging integrations with CRM and other critical CX tools.” – UC Today

Our contact centre software integrates with over 100 CRMs, as well as artificial intelligence and transcription toolssmart routing and collaboration programmes.

Among the most popular CRMs is Salesforce, from which we can manage inbound and outbound calls without leaving the tool. Among the features that streamline workflow, we highlight the automatic creation of a file when a call is received.

Among the artificial intelligence and transcription tools, we integrate with CoverManager for the tourism sector, where we have the opportunity to add voice to telephone booking system and automate their registration.

Intelligent routing tools include CURL, an application that allows us to connect to our customers’ systems to know where to route calls, and Google Sheets, where we collect data for intelligent routing.

Finally, we also integrate with Microsoft Teams so that our customers can connect the virtual switchboard to the collaboration programme. In the end, without leaving the application, you can make internal calls by dialling your colleagues’ extensions, and external calls by displaying your company’s header number.


“What’s more, Enreach allows empowers companies to create self-service AI bots too.” – UC Today

Enreach Virtual Assistant, or EVA as we prefer to call it, is the AI that sits within contact centres to free agents from repetitive tasks such as transcribing calls and answering FAQs.

In addition to simple tasks, it is also able to automatically query a database to identify customers and recognise a reservation number to change the date of a flight, for example.

To date, our AI has been able to resolve 51% of customer service cases, freeing agents from handling 31,000 out of a total of 60,000.

A perfect ally for agents, our EVA can also be used for internal training. By using ChatGPT, agents can write down their doubts and receive specific answers that can be found in product/service manuals.

If you would like to know how each section of our customer service software is configured and parameterised, or how to use the Enreach Virtual Assistant, request a free demonstration by calling +34 900 670 750 or writing to us in the chat below.

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