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What Are Payments Integrated With Virtual POS In Call Centers And What Are Their Benefits?

Product User 11/08/2022
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What Are Payments Integrated With Virtual POS In Call Centers And What Are Their Benefits?

Providing a great customer experience (CX) is a priority for any successful business. Nowadays, any company that wants to gain notoriety needs to make available to its users an integrated payment solution in its call center, the cornerstone that connects the systems and software that guarantee the proper functioning of a company.

Integrated payment systems through an online POS offer perfect performance to optimize back-end business operations, as they facilitate and speed up operations, helping to improve the customer experience, as they reduce errors due to manual attribution to time to make a payment.

What Is The Meaning Of Integrated Payments?

As the phrase implies, integrated payments consists of the unification of the management and sales channels by connecting the payment processing function with other commercial systems and software, which translates into faster and more secure collection management.

What Are The Benefits Of Having The Virtual POS Integrated Into The Call Center?

1) Integrated Payments Streamline Operations

An integrated payments solution automates accounting processes, allowing a business to bypass the time-consuming and error-prone process of manually entering transaction data. With an integrated solution, payments are posted automatically at the time of sale. The integrated payment book displays real-time transaction history, making accounting easier and more accurate, and providing immediate access to transaction data and information.

2) Integrated Payments Provide Better Customer Service

An integrated payment solution in a call center helps speed up checkout by reducing the time-consuming tasks of completing a transaction manually. This allows staff to focus their attention on one customer at a time.

3) Integrated Payments Are A More Personalized Solution

Another benefit of an integrated payment solution is that it can be customized with the features a business needs, now and in the future. A solution can be configured to work with a CRM system to provide insight into customer buying trends, or it can be designed to track inventory, sales, and deliveries. A business can tailor its integrated payment solution to deliver the information it wants to improve in any area of its operations, from marketing to accounting to customer service.

4) SMBs Are Increasingly Investing In Integrated Payment Technology

Customers are the main driver for investing in payment technology. According to the FIS® 2020 PACE Worldpay report, 57% of SMBs are investing in this technology to meet user expectations. From contactless payments to payment apps, payment software is becoming increasingly important to business success.

5) Advantages Of Integrating The Payment System With The Call Center

When there is a virtual POS linked to the call center, customers can make the payment during the call, through a multilanguage IVR or through a web link. In this way, agents have the ability to follow the collection process in real time and help users, without accessing credit card data at any time.

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