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9 Benefits of Using Video Conferencing

Product User 26/01/2023
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9 Benefits of Using Video Conferencing

Whether a business has remote workers, multi-city offices, or frequently traveling teams of professionals, video conferencing is key to keeping everyone on the same page.

What Is a Video Conference?

Video conferencing is an online meeting between two or more participants who communicate in real time through an Internet connection. Combine audio and video to create a face-to-face virtual conversation where you can see the expressions of all participants while hearing what they say, whether they’re using a laptop, mobile device, or webcam in a conference room.

With the power to bring people together, simplify collaboration, improve efficiency, and save money, it brings benefits to businesses of any size.

9 Reasons To Use Video Conferencing

1) Improve Communication

Clear communication is critical to understanding projects, setting expectations, and achieving a company’s goals. In this sense, according to a Forbes report, 62% of executives say that video conferencing significantly improves the quality of communication and 50% of them believe that it also increases the degree of understanding. With the ability to maintain a picture of everyone in the meeting, participants will be more engaged, multitask less, and process information more clearly.

2) Helps Build Relationships

Face-to-face meetings can establish a personal connection, pick up verbal and non-verbal cues, and build trust. Thus, video conferencing helps connect with customers, teammates, and remote workers alike. Likewise, they are considered a useful tool that helps people build relationships inside and outside the company.

3) Saving Money

By providing a simple way for your team to meet, video conferencing offers a collaborative “in-person” experience without travel expenses. This means that it is not necessary to attend the office in person for training, conferences and work group meetings. Plus, with the power to meet virtually, companies can hire the best talent and allow them to work from anywhere.

4) Time Saving

Hosting a video conference, rather than resolving an issue over email, can eliminate the exchange of numerous messages, reduce confusion (and the need for lengthy discussions), and get a team to align faster, helping to reduce the amount of decision-making time to complete projects or tasks.

5) Streamline Collaboration

The best video conferencing technology offers features like screen sharing and document editing in real time, making it easy for everyone to browse files, contribute to the discussion, and create a company-wide culture. With an engaged workforce working together whether in the office, on the road, sometimes remotely, or always from home, organizations will make faster, more informed decisions.

6) Improves Efficiency

Clearer communication through verbal and non-verbal cues, screen sharing, real-time collaboration, and the ability to join from virtually anywhere in the world make video conferencing a more efficient tool for businesses.

7) Increase Productivity

Because video conferencing makes it easy to collaborate on documents in real time, you won’t have to deal with long email chains, lost messages, in-document comments, and version control issues, all of which can cause confusion, misunderstandings, and delays. In this way, employees will be able to spend more time doing their daily tasks, thus increasing their productivity.

8) Make It Easy To Schedule Meetings

If team members travel regularly, scheduling meetings can be challenging. But with video conferencing, they can join from anywhere, including taxis, hotel rooms, airports, home offices, and more. And because they can do it using almost any device, it’s easier to keep the whole team up to date. With more manageable calendars and control over how their workday flows, employees can spend more time looking for opportunities for business growth, and remote workers are easier to engage and retain.

9) Create Consistent and Accurate Records

When hosting an in-person meeting or an audio-only call, the responsibility for taking notes typically falls to one person on the team. And given the fast pace of conversations, some details can easily be overlooked. But with video conferencing technology, which also helps securely record and transcribe, all the details of the conversations can be kept intact. Not only that, but they can be consulted again when doubts arise and the session can be shared with those who could not attend.

Now You Can Meet from Anywhere with Enreach Meetings

Enreach Meetings is a video conferencing tool that allows you to connect with the entire team from anywhere and from any device, regardless of installations, since you only need a browser and a link to connect to the meeting.

It makes it easy to hold private and group video conferences with up to 25 participants sharing the screen, recording the session, chatting, sending documents and taking notes.

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