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How to avoid missing calls when you leave the office

Enreach 26/10/2023
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Salespeople are still out on the road, prospecting or meeting with clients, but calls don’t stop when you’re on the road.

Even if there are colleagues manning the fixed positions in the office while you’re away, there’s a chance you’ll still get calls on your extension. This could be because your customers are calling you directly, or because all the salespeople in the office are busy.

With the effort required to convert leads into customers these days, missing out on these calls is a luxury you can’t afford. So the first thing you need to do to answer calls outside the office is to invest in a virtual PBX.

We know there are many IP PBX providers on the market. So first, make sure you have a clear understanding of what you need. Second, choose a solution that gives you the most flexibility.

Once you have your virtual PBX, here are some common solutions ranked by ease of implementation. Remember that you may have different levels of functionality depending on your provider’s limitations.


There are several ways to connect company mobile phones to a PBX. The best option in terms of configuration and audio quality is one that turns your phone into just another extension.

If your operator offers this solution, simply insert a SIM card into the phone and you can start managing calls without relying on the internet or an app. All calls are logged in the PBX and can even be recorded and transcribed.


If your current operator doesn’t allow you to connect to their switchboard on your mobile, you could consider subscribing to Enreach Contact.

By installing an app on your smartphone, you can make, receive and transfer calls to the switchboard directly from your mobile. The app also allows you to configure various advanced settings. 

This tool also acts as an internal communication programme, allowing you to send messages, make video calls and share files, all from one platform.


Whether you’re visiting a client, working from home or in another city, you can use your laptop, mobile or tablet as if it were an fixed phone.

Using a programme called a softphone, you can manage all your calls as normal. Note that this alternative requires an Internet connection and the prior configuration of your virtual switchboard provider’s SIP credentials.


Advanced PBXs can be configured to route calls to different devices depending on the availability of your extension.

So if you’re out of the office and your fixed line is inactive, the call can be routed to your mobile.


If you have a customer database categorised into lists, you can program artificial intelligence to take specific actions based on the type of customer calling.

Once it has interacted with the customer and identified whether they are on a relevant list, it can route the call according to the pre-defined criteria.


There’s no denying that technology is on our side, giving us the freedom to work from anywhere without compromising our productivity.

If you have any doubts about which solution is best suited to your company’s needs, or if you would like more personalised advice, our experts are always available on 900 670 750 or in our chat below.

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