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How To Take Advantage of The Wave of Innovation In Artificial Intelligence?

Product User 03/10/2023
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How To Take Advantage of The Wave of Innovation In Artificial Intelligence?

Only by looking at the big picture of Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities can you grasp the magnitude of its power. After all, companies know its importance and are increasingly implementing AI to get the most out of it.

How To Take Advantage of The Wave of Innovation In Artificial Intelligence?

1) Migrate to the Cloud

Non-cloud companies are using out-dated systems that are not as scalable, secure, or efficient as cloud-based systems, leaving them at a competitive disadvantage. Not moving to the cloud makes it extremely difficult to keep up with the latest trends and technologies and can ultimately lead to a loss of customers and revenue.

As companies that have embarked on this journey can tell you, the real achievement is experiencing a substantial boost in innovation. Accelerating the pace of innovation can only be achieved by replacing legacy technology infrastructure with an optimised and cohesive cloud-native platform, marking an essential first step in driving innovation to its full potential.

2) Restart your Digital Strategy

Digital customer experience (CX) initiatives over the past decade have fallen short of expectations. These have been isolated, disjointed and focused on individual touchpoints rather than the overall customer journey. As a result, customers have experienced a fragmented and frustrating experience.

To achieve a seamless journey, digital CX must be an inherent part of the overall CX strategy and a native part of a single platform. This means that every customer touchpoint (from the website to the mobile app to the call center) has to be integrated and seamless.

AI has made it possible to focus on the optimal conversations of top-performing agents to create smarter self-service that personalises communications, anticipates customer needs, and resolves issues quickly and efficiently.

3) Provide Good Customer Service with AI

It is necessary to create a simple and robust platform that natively brings together all applications, data and AI to create more complete customer journeys.

Only then can you deliver the seamless, optimised experiences your customers demand. Customer service is a highly specialised domain and your AI efforts must be CX-specific and delivered at scale from day one.

This approach benefits the entire company by expanding and applying the knowledge gained throughout the organisation.

4) Take a Disciplined Approach and Timing to Prepare for the Wave

A unified platform allows organisations to add channels as needed, support multiple different channels, and leverage them when adding a new channel in the future.

5) Grow CX at Scale

A good foundation allows organisations to achieve balance. Finding that center of gravity to ride the AI wave requires an overall CX strategy that enables growth at scale, and only a unified platform can serve as a foundational foundation that provides stability, robustness, and a good starting point for Artificial Intelligence CX efforts.

Focusing on your main objectives by asking what is most important to consumers is essential. This way, you can guide your decision-making and ensure you are always moving in the right direction.

That’s what consumers’ want and demand. Of those surveyed, 61% of consumers wanted problems resolved the first time and 31% want to choose which service channels they use, according to ContactBabel’s Exceeding US Customer Expectations Report. This report also found that offering multiple channels means that customers will move between them as they see fit, depending not only on the quality of the channel’s service, but also on what they want to do, their personality and experience, as well as other factors.

To Know if Innovation in Artificial Intelligence Is Being Taken Advantage Of, the Following Questions Must Be Asked:

  • Can agents interact with customers on the channel of their choice?
  • Are you protecting your customer base and gaining new customers by meeting them wherever they are?
  • Do agents have the tools to deliver cross-channel interactions to help satisfy customers and keep them loyal?
  • Are you using a solution for each channel?
  • Can you effectively manage the rapid increase in customer contacts, both synchronous and asynchronous, due to the influx of digital channels and scale up and down as needed by combining self-service/AI, inbound and outbound voice, and digital channels?
  • Do agents use an intuitive interface to manage all interaction channels?
  • Do managers have a single interface to manage all channels supported in the contact center?
  • Are platform administrators working to unify routing, reporting, and workforce management across channels?


By thinking big picture, an organisation can see the entire AI landscape, including all the interconnected parts. Global thinking is about understanding how different tools are connected and how they interrelate with each other in the long term.

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